Nearshoring – Moving Beyond the Buzzword
Date & Time
Friday, March 10, 2023, 10:15 AM
Jason Marczak Janio Rosales Manuel Tovar Karim Antonio Lesina Morgan Ortagus

The term ‘Nearshoring’ has become somewhat a buzzword in global supply chains as geopolitical shifts have brought sustained shocks to trade and investment, urging companies to bring their manufacturing or operations closer to home. Hence, in some of the most globalized industries, we are already witnessing a rise of smaller production plants tending to regional needs, as the companies move to a nearby country where labor costs are low but channels of communication are strong. What local and regional elements influence the resiliency of these shorter supply chains, and what opportunities might this strategy bring on the Latin American communities they draw directly from? How will innovative technologies such as automation make cost-effective production possible in regional factories , whilst improving workers welfare? What policies will be necessary to make ‘nearshoring’ more than just a buzzword?

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