Enhancing Partnerships and Strengthening Trade Competitiveness in the Western Hemisphere
Date & Time
Friday, March 10, 2023, 11:25 AM
Nicholas Logothetis Katherine Tai

Though economic integration and intra-regional trade in the Western hemisphere has historically been relatively strong, and while Latin America continues to represent the United States’ fastest-growing trading partner and source of alternative fuels, recent cycles of political instability, hyperinflation and increases in public debt have presented long-term challenges for trade policy across the region. In light of this, strengthening global partnerships, fortifying supply chains, increasing commercial flows, and addressing non-tariff barriers is more important than ever. How will the region remain competitive? What is the significance of the Declaration on Good Regulatory Practices? In what ways can like-minded partners in the Western Hemisphere collaborate to deliver an ambitious agenda of sustainable economic growth?

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