A Conversation with Hon. Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence
Avril Haines David Rohde
Tuesday, September 19, 2023
3:45 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT)

As emerging technologies are increasingly situated in the nexus of national security (material and cyber), close collaboration between the intelligence community and private industry is critical. Though generative AI tools and waves of technological innovation have certainly resulted in positive societal advancements, the potential for malign manipulation and the use of digital technologies by state regimes for societal repression cannot be overlooked. Improper use can pose severe risks to democratic functions and entire institutions thus undermining global governance, yet in the same light, restrictive approaches towards technology can result in anti-competitiveness. As such, in this timely fireside conversation, DNI Haines will share her strategic expertise and discuss how the intelligence community views this issue and can work with partners across the U.S. and beyond, in the fight to protect against digital authoritarianism and widespread disinformation from foreign actors.

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West Stage