Full Name
Mr. Patrick Condo
Job Title
Founder & CEO
Current Employer
Seekr Technologies, Inc.
Speaker Bio
With more than 30 years of experience in search technology, Patrick C. Condo is experienced at bringing cutting-edge search technology to the market. His mission is to provide consumers and advertisers with ways to objectively evaluate web-based content and create user interface design that propels the next-generation consumer-centric search experience. Condo’s career includes founding four tech companies-- two of them public on NASDAQ - and providing advanced search capabilities to the defense and intelligence communities. His earlier companies achieved market values in excess of $1B, and he has raised over $350M in public and private funding in his career.

As Founder and CEO of Seekr Technologies Inc., a new, privately held internet technology company headquartered in Vienna, VA, he is redefining search by empowering people to make informed decisions on what they consume, share, and trust online. “We want to reduce the distrust of online information that continues to grow,” says Condo. “Users should see all sides of an argument and have every source of information available to make their own decisions rather than having other search engines draw conclusions for them. We are not driven by any political ideology or a business model that puts the consumer at a disadvantage. Our motivation is to provide a deeper understanding of the content people rely on through transformative and groundbreaking technologies which can advance the state of how people use search to enhance their lives.”

Most recently, Condo was CEO of NTENT, which built its search platform specifically developed for the telecommunications industry and deployed worldwide with selected partners. NTENT merged into Seekr last year to provide the underlying search technology that Seekr has built upon. The company generated over $75 million in revenues based upon billions of searches since its inception in 2011, where it began as Vertical Search Works.

Previously, he was the Founder and CEO of Convera, a firm he created with Intel and Allen & Company in 2001 when they merged Excalibur Technologies into Intel with a market value of $1.2B. The company relisted on NASDAQ and became a leading supplier of advanced search capabilities to the defense and intelligence community worldwide. The company was twice invested in by the CIA’s investment arm, INQTEL, for its advancements in pattern recognition and semantic search concepts. Significant U.S customers included the CIA, FBI, and the U.S Treasury.

In 1995, Condo became CEO of Excalibur Technologies, and with Allen & Company, executed key acquisitions that propelled the firm from $5 million to approximately $100 million in revenues in less than five years.

Before Excalibur, Condo held senior executive positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, Harris Semiconductor, and Northrop. While at Northrop and Harris, he was involved with two of the largest programs in U.S technical history at the time, the MX Missile Program and the Space Shuttle.

He holds a B.S degree from Suffolk University.
Patrick Condo