Full Name
Askadeline Milanes
Job Title
Current Employer
NYC Junior Ambassadors
Speaker Bio
Askadeline Milanes is a New York City Junior Ambassador alum and a current undergraduate student at CUNY- City College of New York. Pursing a double major in International Relations and Psychology, Askadeline seeks to explore the intersections of human rights and the well-being of those in underserved communities both on a academic and professional level.

Askadeline’ s passion for human rights began at the early age of 12 as a participant in the NYC Junior Ambassadors program. Since then, she has worked closely with the Mayor’s Office for International Affairs and the United Nations in several capacities. She indulges in a multitude of volunteer experiences; assisted in organizations such as Digital Girl Inc, in efforts to empower minorities to pursue careers in STEM, provided support in healthcare settings, particularly hospitals and clinics, and aided in the implementation of food drives, fundraisers, and participated in a series of activations and organizing to advocate for NYC youth.

Now at 19 years old, Askadeline is poised to become a young leader on the global stage. She’s successfully been able to leverage the United Nations and the City of New York as a vehicle to promote youth empowerment through participating in a series of panels, forums, and campaigns (most notably UNICEF’s World Children’s Day) to make the critical connections between the local and the global. She has participated with senior leadership across the board to weigh-in on topics that impact her communities such as gender equality, violence against children, climate change and the maintenance of sustainable cities. Her life’s mission is to remain on the path of self - improvement and learn ways to become better equipped to bring awareness to systemic issues, find ways to actualize the potential of these individuals, and reserve their right to live meaningful and equitable lives.
Askadeline Milanes