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H.E. Guillermo Lasso
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Current Employer
Republic of Ecuador
Speaker Bio
Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador 58 years ago, Guillermo Lasso is married to Maria de Lourdes Alcivar, and has five children and two grandchildren. Lasso has had a more than 40 year career in the financial and business sector, where he has held important positions in various institutions such as Procrédito, Finansur and Guayaquil Bank. In 1989 as administrator in Banco Guayaquil, and since then initiated a process leading to the institution to become the second largest bank in Ecuador, with the network of the country’s largest banking services. In 1994 he became the CEO of the Bank and has since led the main group of shareholders of the financial group. In the public sector Guillermo Lasso also has extensive experience. He has been Governor of the Province of Guayas in 1998, then Minister of Economy. He was also Roving Ambassador of Ecuador; and Chairman of the Foundation Guayaquil bus terminal, the institution responsible for the management and construction of the new city bus terminal, public building national circulation with about one hundred twenty thousand visitors a day. Since 2005 he is the Founder and President of Ecuador Libre Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting public policies based on principles of freedom, from where he has led major efforts in the search for a freer Ecuador, and connected to the world. Guillermo Lasso has written two books, both published by Editorial Planeta. In 2011 he published Letters to My Children, where an epistolary format detailed his origins and the main challenges in his life. In 2012, he published Another Ecuador is Possible, a book in which poses a political, economic and social vision of Ecuador, based on the routes that led the country for more than three years. In May 2012 he resigned from the Executive President of Banco Guayaquil and assumed the political challenge. A few months later, he announced their intention to participate in the presidential elections of 2013, and finally accepted the presidential nomination Political Movement CREO. Under the “Uniting for Ecuador” platform presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso and CREO Movement, brought together more than 50 political organizations. On February 17, 2013, Guillermo Lasso won second place in the presidential elections with 24% of the vote, and became the leader of the opposition. The legislative bloc CREO also becomes the first political force of opposition. Guillermo Lasso is currently the Chairman of the Corporation MultiBG S.A. largest shareholder of Banco Guayaquil and divides his time between business and entrepreneurship, with political activity.
Guillermo Lasso