2023 Concordia Annual Summit Featured Sessions

United by the Beautiful Game: The Power of Sports Diplomacy in World Cup 2026

Join us as we explore the transformative power of sports diplomacy in the lead-up to the World Cup 2026, where the game we all love has the power to unite nations, break down barriers, and build a more peaceful world. 

“Washing” and Reputation Laundering

As progress continues to be made to ensure accountability around the world in the protection of our environment and our adherence across sectors to human rights and other legal & ethical obligations, so too, unfortunately, has the capacity for ‘spin’ to hide exaggeration or failures in such compliance around the world. The concept of “washing” has grown to take on so many forms, from money laundering to greenwashing, sportswashing, pinkwashing, and artwashing in an attempt to restore one’s reputation. Mis- and disinformation play an active role in the strategies employed by governments and industries alike. What resources exist for the public to better identify and discern instances of washing, to inform both policy and purchases? 

Fighting Misinformation and Safeguarding Election Integrity: Strategies for the Digital Age

In the digital age, misinformation and disinformation have become major threats to election integrity. The spread of fake news, propaganda, and conspiracy theories can undermine trust in democratic institutions and erode the foundations of our societies. In this session, we will explore strategies to combat misinformation and safeguard election integrity in the digital age. We will hear from experts in media literacy, fact-checking, and online security, who will share insights on identifying and countering false information, promoting digital literacy and critical thinking, and ensuring transparency and accountability in electoral processes. Join us for a timely and informative discussion on the challenges and opportunities of protecting democracy in the age of information warfare.

Addressing the Global Forced Displacement Crisis 

The global refugee crisis remains one of the most pressing humanitarian challenges of our time. We will hear from experts in international relations, humanitarian aid, and refugee advocacy, who will share their experiences and insights on the challenges and opportunities in addressing the refugee crisis. 

Misinformation Meets Cybersecurity 

As the spread of mis- and disinformation has risen, the relationship between this inaccurate information and cybersecurity—or lack thereof—has been highlighted. In Russia's attacks on Ukraine, this issue has been detrimentally present. The Russian cyber-attacks on Ukraine is just one of the many events that have reiterated the need for reliable cybersecurity. These cyber-attacks not only impact the two actors directly involved but others as well, raising the issue of the critical need for trust when sharing data. 

Global Crises and Misinformation

There is a common thread between global crises and the spread of mis- and disinformation. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 and the COVID-19 pandemic are just two recent events that have severely escalated crisis-driven mis- and disinformation. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has illustrated the ways in which social media has changed the way war can be reported, experienced, and understood. The use of disinformation as a weapon has always been present, but the landscape of social media has amplified its reach and potential infiltration. Similarly, the COVID-19 pandemic caused misinformation to prevail, particularly around issues such as politics, public health, medicine, and education.

70th anniversary of the U.S.-ROK Alliance: Expanding Cooperation Throughout the Indo-Pacific

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Towards a Sustainable Future: The Road to COP28

The clock is ticking as the world faces an urgent climate crisis. The United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP28, will be a crucial moment for countries to come together and discuss the actions needed to tackle the climate emergency. The road to COP28 is paved with challenges and opportunities, as governments, businesses, and communities work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect vulnerable ecosystems, and build a sustainable future for generations to come. Join us as we explore the latest developments in climate science, policy, and innovation, and discover how we can all contribute to a more sustainable and resilient world.

Underneath the Green Transition: The Oil Industry

The discovery of oil in Guyana presents an opportunity of economic boom for the country. However, the task that remains is to ensure that short-term gains can be translated into long-term sustainable growth. Guyana must choose to use these resources to develop a Green Economy. Given the threats of climate change, can the oil industry be justified by the development of a resource-efficient economy that benefits the people of Guyana? How can we ensure the preservation of Guyana's biodiversity remains a top priority? What regulations must be complied with for the extraction of natural resources to contribute to green economies? And, how do we avoid the sense of ‘kicking away the ladder’ when it comes to pressuring Global South countries to adopt ‘good’ policies toward their economic development?

The Concordia Amazonas Initiative: How to Save the Rainforest

Following the first iteration of the Concordia Amazonas Summit in Ecuador, where our community set out to both raise awareness of the unique environmental implications of the Amazon whilst exploring market-driven, nature-based solutions to protect its ecosystem. This panel will gather leaders from across sectors to discuss the relevance of the initiative and to highlight different case studies from around the world that provide a roadmap for advancing projects and forging public-private partnerships to protect the Amazon. 

Designing Livable and Sustainable Cities

Urbanization is accelerating worldwide, bringing unprecedented challenges for sustainability and resilience. In this session, we will explore strategies for creating sustainable urban environments that promote livability, resilience, and equity.

Diversifying Energy Following the Invasion of Ukraine

During the 2023 Europe Summit we asked the question: how can we build effective partnerships in a post-Nord Stream II environment where energy security remains a primary concern? In an effort to build on this conversation we will seek to explore who will replace Russia as Europe's energy provider, using the moment to diversify energy supplies and accelerate the green transition.

Currency Wars

The U.S. dollar has long been the dominant currency in global markets, serving as the primary medium of exchange and reserve currency for international transactions. However, the rise of emerging economies and the increasing use of alternative currencies have challenged the dollar's status as the world's top currency. In this session, we will explore the future of the U.S. dollar in global markets, examining the challenges and opportunities ahead. We will hear from experts in economics and finance who will share insights on the impact of global trends and geopolitical shifts on the dollar's role in the global economy.

Navigating the Uncertain World of Digital Currencies

We’ll explore the rapidly-evolving landscape of digital currencies and the opportunities and challenges that come with their adoption. We will dive into the different types of digital currencies, including cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, and examine the various cases for their use. Additionally, we will discuss the potential impact of digital currencies on traditional financial systems and explore the regulatory landscape.

Investing in a Sustainable Future: Financial Literacy with the Calamos Antetokounmpo Sustainable Equities Fund


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Women in the Supply Chains: Mitigating Risks by Growing Gender Equity 

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The Future of Work

From the impact of automation and AI on the workforce to the rise of remote work and the gig economy, we'll explore the key drivers of change and how organizations can adapt to the new reality. This session will tease our upcoming United States Summit taking place in Cary, NC on November 7.

The Impact of China’s Trade Influence in Latin America

For hundreds of years, external actors have set their eyes on Latin America, seeing a region with ample strategic potential that can open doors to many economic, political, and social opportunities. China and Russia, respectively, have sought to deepen both diplomatic and material relations (whether through trade or foreign investment) with Latin American countries, thus greatly increasing their own influence and national interest within the region. China has even surpassed the U.S. as South America’s largest trading partner, developing projects that go from energy to infrastructure, pandemic relief, and even space programs. What are the benefits and challenges Latin America could face in having China as an ally on different fronts? To what extent is this a potential threat for the Western Hemisphere? What role should the U.S. assume in navigating this environment?

Breaking the Stigma: Prioritizing Mental Health in Children

Mental health is a critical component of a child's overall wellbeing, but unfortunately it is often stigmatized and neglected. In this session, we will examine the importance of prioritizing mental health in children and explore strategies to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues. We will hear from experts in child psychology and mental health, who will share insights on identifying early warning signs of mental health problems, providing appropriate support and care, and promoting positive mental health practices. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on how we can support our children's mental health and wellbeing in today's challenging world.

Longevity, Aging, and an Older Workforce 


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Strengthening Health Systems for Improved Access and Outcomes for Children 

This session will focus on the need to strengthen healthcare systems to address inequity in children's healthcare.

Celebrating Resilience and Courage: Lessons from Freedom Activists Around the World


Around the world, individuals and communities have stood up against oppressive regimes, fought for human rights, and championed freedom and democracy. Despite facing formidable challenges and obstacles, many activists have made significant strides in creating positive change in their societies. In this session, we will celebrate the resilience and courage of freedom activists around the world, and learn from their experiences and successes. We will hear from activists and experts in human rights and social justice, who will share inspiring stories and lessons on effective activism, community organizing, and advocacy. Join us for an uplifting and inspiring discussion on the power of activism and positive change in the world.

LGBTQ Rights Today


U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris has recently been the subject of criticism following her 2023 tour to promote the rights to equality of LGBTQ persons whilst visiting with some of the 64 countries in which jail time is given to those that identify as lesbian, gay, bi, or transgender, sparking larger conversations surrounding global progress towards the legal protection of these groups. In recent years, some countries have made strides in improving the rights of LGBTQ people, but what challenges remain in achieving equality around the globe?

Exploring the Impact of AI Language Models in Conversational Interfaces: Balancing Benefits and Ethical Concerns

AI-powered language models have revolutionized the way we interact with technology, enabling us to have natural and human-like conversations with machines. ChatGPT, one of the most advanced language models to date, has shown remarkable capabilities in generating text and responding to a wide range of queries. However, the use of such models also raises important ethical questions about privacy, bias, and accountability. In this session, we will discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of using AI language models like ChatGPT in conversational interfaces, exploring their impact on user experience, data privacy, and social responsibility. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the future of conversational AI and its implications for society.

Technology & Social Media

Technology and the media have been a driving factor in the steep increase of the spread of mis- and disinformation globally. Unfortunately, whilst social media has increasingly become the main outlet for people to access information, concerns regarding freedom of expression online, echo chambers, cyber-attacks, and more have continued to grow. The issue expands far beyond individuals' use of technology and social media and highlights the roles that governments and other actors play.