9:10 AM

The MC for the 2023 Concordia United States Summit, David Crabtree, CEO of PBS North Carolina, provides introductory remarks.

9:15 AM

Concordia Co-Founder, President, & CEO, Matthew Swift, delivers opening remarks at the 2023 Concordia United States Summit.

9:20 AM

Dr. Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS Institute delivers remarks at the 2023 Concordia United States Summit.

9:25 AM

As the future of work rapidly evolves, technical programs are increasingly needed to fill the requirements of the labor market. Utilizing data and analytics from the labor market can help colleges and universities pinpoint exactly what skills are needed, and where their programs can improve. This session, featuring education and analytics experts, will explore the role of labor markets and the steps needed to build strong technical programs at colleges and universities around the nation.

9:45 AM

Hundreds of iconic American companies, such as Microsoft, Ford, Coca-Cola and Walmart, have bold goals and investments to transition to a clean energy economy, but few have considered what that transition will mean for those working across their global supply chains—particularly smaller businesses. Today’s workforce, at home and abroad, is facing new challenges from technological shifts, public health crises, and extreme weather. This session will feature insights from the Ares Charitable Foundation’s Climate-Resilient Employees for a Sustainable Tomorrow (“CREST”) initiative and highlight emerging ideas for local investments to withstand global shocks.

Ares Charitable Foundation is a Patron Programming Partner of the 2023 Concordia United States Summit.


10:00 AM
10:05 AM

With the need for semiconductors and other important technologies in greater demand than ever, increasing the supply of crucial technology across the United States is paramount. That’s why cross-sector leaders are investing in workforce development projects and manufacturing facilities in North Carolina and other states. Increasing the supply of these crucial technologies will help the United States to meet the demands of the growing use of technology across modern society. This session, featuring government and industry leaders, will explore how these investments will strengthen the United States’ position as a technological leader.

10:25 AM

The United States Postal Service has a legacy that pre-dates the founding of the United States of America, and is one of the few government agencies explicitly recognized in the U.S. Constitution. This independent agency has grown and changed with America, and in recent years, has undergone a major transformation under the leadership of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. In this Flashpoint presentation, DeJoy will speak to the crisis of leadership he encountered when taking the helm of this cherished public institution and lessons learned as he continues to stabilize the workforce, modernize the agency’s logistics capabilities, drive innovation, and increase operational precision. With takeaways that apply beyond government and logistics, DeJoy will discuss how he is moving the Postal Service forward to become the best-run federal agency, providing world-class service to every home and business in America.

10:40 AM

In this fireside chat, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and Michelle Giuda, CEO of the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue University, will discuss the Postal Service’s Delivering for America plan and a look ahead to the agency’s priorities in the years to come.

10:50 AM
10:55 AM
11:20 AM

The year 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the Indian Citizenship Act which granted Native peoples U.S. citizenship. However, despite this milestone, Native Americans are often overlooked and forgotten in the present day, seen as relics of the past, they are not considered to exist in the present as distinct and vibrant communities that continue to shape our nation.

In commemoration of National Native American Heritage Month, Blanchard House Institute (BHI) invites you to delve deep into the remarkable history of the Seminole Maroons, the only undefeated Native American tribe in U.S. history and their quest for freedom by launching the Seminole Maroon Freedom Trail. Today, the majority of Americans know little to nothing about Indigenous peoples. Despite the challenges they encountered in their quest for freedom, the Seminole Maroons remained steadfast and tenacious. Their story serves as a reminder of the indomitable spirit that can be found within individuals and communities, inspiring future generations to persevere and overcome obstacles. To preserve their heritage and culture is not only necessary but also crucial for future generations to develop character, values, and self-determination.

The Seminole Maroon Freedom Trail is a national public-private-philanthropic partnership across industries to build an economic and cultural trail which honors the Seminole Maroon’s quest for freedom from Florida to Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, as well as Mexico and The Bahamas. An American story that celebrates freedom, SMFT serves as a catalyst for community-building through facilitating intergenerational gatherings and storytelling, entrepreneurship and economic development, and Indigenous language use and cultural production to preserve values of the past, while imagining and investing in the future.

This helps to ensure a world where the Seminole Maroons are authors of their own stories, able to build awareness and power to advance self-determination which can serve as a blueprint for other Indigenous communities. 

11:40 AM

Economic development programs are crucial tools for cities to strengthen growth, bolster employment, and prepare for the future. As cities prepare for new developments in artificial intelligence, digital innovation, and continued economic turmoil, the development programs are more critical than ever. This session will bring together experts for a discussion on how cities can create economic development programs that recruit new businesses, maintain their current workforce, and develop future opportunities.

Tulsa Innovation Labs is a Lead Programming Partner of the 2023 Concordia United States Summit.

12:00 PM
12:05 PM

In the wake of continued international turmoil, economic turbulence, and supply chain difficulties, American businesses are facing difficult challenges. With continued development in digital innovation and artificial intelligence, businesses are having to adjust to an ever-changing landscape quicker than ever. This session will explore some of the difficult challenges that businesses face, and how private sector leadership is guiding their organizations through these challenges.

12:20 PM

From biotechnology to healthcare, the Research Triangle is a hub for some of the most innovative work happening in the life sciences industry. Achieving multi-disciplinary breakthroughs across a range of fields, the Triangle is home to crucial work. This session, featuring industry leaders, will explore the work being done across the Triangle in a range of different fields, and how this important work is impacting the nation as a whole.

12:45 PM
12:50 PM
2:00 PM

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the military by enabling the development of autonomous systems, improving decision-making through data analysis, and enhancing cybersecurity. AI-powered technologies are transforming warfare with autonomous drones, unmanned vehicles, and advanced target recognition, while also streamlining logistics and supply chain management. In this session, Ft. Liberty Commander John Wilcox will discuss these issues and more.

2:20 PM

Jonathan Ebinger is the Founder & General Partner of Transform Capital, a technology venture capital firm that has taken a new approach to purpose-driven giving through its innovative philanthropic structure. Following 22 years of early investing in some of today's most successful financial technology companies, Jonathan's latest endeavor, rooted in his quest to establish a new lane of philanthropy in higher education, is a fund that empowers investors and founders to make the causes they care about most the beneficiaries of Transform's success, all while preserving 100% of their profits.

2:30 PM

With a robust workforce and a steady influx of foreign and domestic investment, North Carolina is continuously placing itself on top for business. In this panel, learn the strategies the state has been implementing alongside local, regional, national, and international organizations to propel economic, community, and workforce development for the state, and why North Carolina is so prosperous. How is the State Department of Commerce actively nurturing its workforce with continuous learning and aligning skills with industry needs? What strategies are being employed to enhance economic resilience in the face of global challenges? And, how does the state balance economic development with environmental stewardship to sustainably meet its needs?

2:50 PM

The United Kingdom is a major trade and economic partner of the US, and the evolving landscape of US-UK trade relations could be defining for transatlantic trade partnerships of the future. How have geopolitical shifts reshaped the dynamics of US-UK trade relations and what new opportunities for economic collaboration in areas such as clean energy and critical technologies, have arisen? How have changing governments and new administrations shaped discussions? What conditions would a bilateral trade agreement with the US bring?

3:10 PM

In the face of a national mental-health crisis, elevating the accessibility and affordability of innovative treatments throughout the US should be of paramount concern. And, as the evidence backing them continues to grow, this includes psychedelic-assisted therapies. A recent decision by the American Medical Association (AMA) hints at progress in the field, but there is a long way to go. If US insurance payers do not expand coverage, access to these therapies will continue to be uneven across society, which runs the risk of leaving those most in need without access. Ensuring coverage to patients on Medicaid as well as private insurance should be central to policy-makers, as well as the development of clinical-practice standard guidelines to empower healthcare professionals with the tools they need to utilize these therapies. What do clinical trials, including those overseen by the FDA, tell us about the benefits and limitations of psychedelic therapies? How can policy regulators break down the legal and social obstacles? And, what would US psychedelic treatment legislation look like?

3:30 PM
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3:55 PM

Many Americans vividly recall the housing market collapse of 2008 – as mortgage rates continue to surge and home prices hitting an all time high, many home buyers worry of history repeating itself far too soon. According to Freddie Mac, as of September 28, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate has reached the highest level since 2000. This session, featuring a key voice from the 2008 market collapse and a renowned activist, will explore solutions for the current housing crisis. How can housing become more affordable and sustainable for the average American? Specifically for vulnerable and underserved communities across the country, how can we better increase access to essential resources such as stable housing, particularly as pathways for collective social progress and community development?

4:10 PM

As the role of artificial intelligence in the workforce is increasingly evolving, many wonder if the effectiveness that AI brings may cause employment difficulties. AI has the potential to streamline workforce inefficiencies, and increase effectiveness across a range of industries, but to do so, it may require automating jobs that would typically be filled by people. This session will bring together cross-sector experts for a discussion on the role of AI in the workforce.

4:30 PM
4:35 PM

The state of mental health in the United States has reached a critical juncture, and the need for innovation in healthcare and collective action to tackle the mental health epidemic has never been more evident. This session delves into groundbreaking healthcare innovations, such as telemedicine and AI-driven diagnostics, which are improving access and patient outcomes. What are some of the challenges in addressing the mental health crisis across society? What is the role of communities, policymakers, and technology in addressing it? Together, we’ll discuss strategies for fostering a healthier, more resilient society, emphasizing the importance of collective action and public-private partnerships in this vital endeavor.

4:55 PM

Concordia Co-Founder, President, & CEO, Matthew Swift, delivers closing remarks at the 2023 Concordia United States Summit.