The Pivotal Impact of Women in Informal Roles Across Society
Date & Time
Friday, March 10, 2023, 12:00 PM
Carmen Correa Sheila Davis Felicia Knaul Natalia Martinez-Kalinina Anita Bhatia

From domestic workers, social caregivers, seasonal/agricultural employees, and self-employed entrepreneurs, the bulk of women's global labor is overwhelmingly informal and disproportionately casual, with limited legal protection and access to social services. In the U.S., for example, women account for nearly four in five essential health care workers, yet represent a majority of the unpaid workforce of informal caregivers. This issue is pertinent across a wide range of critical industries, and women face even greater economic immobility in lower-income countries. In Latin America and the Caribbean, women in the 'grey' economy make up 59% of total employment, yet lack the standard compensation, necessary insurance, or access to social benefits. This disproportionate lack of critical protections and access to resources has a long-term impact on women's opportunities for advancement, and most importantly, on their very own wellbeing. This timely panel will therefore convene grassroots activists and policy experts from different sectors to discuss.

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