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Juan Carlos Monterrey Gomez
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Director of the School for Biocultural Leadership
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Attention: My Instagram Handle is @juancarlosmonterreygomez, but the form does not allow me to put it correctly.

Juan Carlos Monterrey Gómez (31) is vice chair for the implementation of the UN Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC), director of the School for Biocultural Leadership of the Geoversity Foundation, and President of Climate Resilient, a policy think tank based in the Dominican Republic. In August 2018, Juan Carlos was selected by President Barack Obama as an Inaugural Scholar at the Obama Foundation. Monterrey Gómez served as Lead Climate Negotiator for Panama at COP26 in Glasgow and led the youngest delegation in history to represent a country in UN negotiations. In 2022, Juan Carlos was a Fellow at the Aspen Institute’s Ideas Festival. He has an MA in International Development Policy at the University of Chicago, a BA in Economics from Tulane University, and an Associate of Science degree from Northwest Missouri State University.
Juan Carlos Monterrey Gomez