Full Name
Nasser Alkahtani
Job Title
Executive Director
Current Employer
Arab Gulf Programme for Development
Speaker Bio
Nasser Alkahtani is widely acknowledged as a leading advocate for sustainable economic development in the Arab region, and as the driving force behind initiating the Arab Open University, for innovative and flexible higher education, AGFUND’s Banks for Financial Inclusion, in addition to AGFUND’s Sister Institutions.

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Nasser earned his first degree from King Abdul Aziz University in 1984, before furthering his study at the University of Miami. He recently received the honorary Doctorate degree from the Open University at the United Kingdom.

He has been the Executive Director of the Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) for the past twenty-five years, seeking to create meaningful and sustainable improvements in the living conditions for vulnerable and under-served groups. Under his leadership, and within the framework of sustainable development, AGFUND had a transformative impact on the lives of women, children, youth, refugees, people with disabilities, providing them access to healthcare, education, financial inclusion, and supporting innovative development solutions, in partnership with both development agencies and the private sector.

Nasser serves on the board of directors of several non-dividends banks serving the needs of low-income households and small-scale businesses, in addition to other institutions’ boards that promote women's empowerment, early childhood development, and advancing civil society.
Nasser Alkahtani