Full Name
Mark Hutchinson
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer
Current Employer
Fortescue Energy
Speaker Bio
Mark Hutchinson commenced with FFI in July, initially in the role of Director of Projects, before assuming the role of Global Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FFI in July 2022, reporting directly to the Fortescue Board.

He brings extensive business and leadership experience at the senior executive level, having held various roles at GE over a 25 year career, the two most recent as President and Chief Executive Officer China and Europe. In these roles Mr Hutchinson led the efforts to strengthen GE’s operations across China and Europe and developed and executed a shared growth strategy for all the GE businesses which helped to drive significant growth, year on year. Mr Hutchinson also led the integration of Alstom’s power and grid businesses into GE following its €12.35 billion acquisition.

Prior to his 25 year tenure at GE, Mr Hutchinson held the role of Head of the Asian Project Advisory team for Barclays Merchant Bank, based in Hong Kong, where he led the successful privatisation of Western Harbour Crossing and the Route Three Project, both key elements of Hong Kong’s infrastructure development.

A highly experienced international business leader with a passion for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Mr Hutchinson has previously held a Board position at World Wide Generation Limited, and Non-Executive Director roles at Bluescope Steel Limited, Mission Australia, Allianz Australia Insurance Limited and Alpha Australia.

Mr Hutchinson holds an honorary Doctor of Business from the University of Queensland, where he is the primary sponsor of the Ethics Chair.
Mark Hutchinson